Tracking website success

I found a great resource I want to share with you to help measure the success of your website.  I think you will find it super helpful.  And it serves an additional purpose – you can track your competition.  That’s what I call a sweet site!

Check out Website Grader to learn how you measure up in regard to inbound linking, traffic, and Google page rank for starters.  The site allows you to enter competitors’ URLs for comparison.  I am a stickler for setting benchmarks and this could be a great way to additionally measure the success of site improvements you have scheduled this year.

Your site will receive an overall grade based on various criteria.  Of course they would like you to become a customer to improve your rankings, but you can run a simple report without obligation (no email required unless you’d like access to the full report).  I highly recommend taking even a quick look to see how you fare.

I’ll be posting more details about assessing your competition later this month…stay tuned!


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Prepared for 2010?

Take a look at what we may face this year in the world of social media via DreamGrow Social Media.  

22 Social Media Marketing Trends for 2010

Highlights include the importance of real time, incorporating social network “chatter” into CRM systems, and the increase in mobile marketing (I’m sure it will increase somewhat, but there are some studies showing it to be much slower than anticipated which I’m more apt to believe.)

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Social Media Misconceptions

I wanted to close out the year with a review of sorts. This list of 10 Most Common Misconceptions of Social Media by Balkhis encompasses several of the issues I’ve tried to address with my blog. 

I’ve inserted my own comments below a few of Balkhis’ bullet points.  Be sure to visit the link for the full blog post to get the most out of this list!

1. Social Media is for Younger Generations

2. There are Rules to use Social Media
No “rules” as such, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seek out best practices for each social media outlet – you’ll be glad you did!

3. Its all about Quantity
I’ve talked about this before: don’t waste time trying to increase “fans” or “followers.”  If your content is passionate and useful to people, the numbers will come naturally.  Put your time to better use by becoming an active participant.

4. You have to be Everywhere

5. Social Media Campaigns are all about having a Facebook and Twitter Profiles
If your sites or profile pages remain static, you will miss opportunities to connect.  So don’t just put up a page and leave it.

6. Social Media Sites Send Poor Quality Traffic
Big issue here is…what will people find when this new traffic makes it to your website??  Make sure your main website emits your brand in the same manner as your tweets and other social media. 

7. Getting a story popular on Social Media requires the help of Power Users

8. Social Media is Fast
It’s not.  P.S. :  keep benchmarks in mind.

9. Social Media is Easy

10. You can disguise the community

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year as I take a break from blogging over the holidays!

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R U Questioning Soc Med ROI?

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B-2-B: Facebook

Been thinking about adding Facebook to your marketing strategy?  Or maybe you need to add more relevant content to your current page.  Who doesn’t love practical examples?  Check ’em out!

[via Social Media B2B]

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Case studies and brainstorming

Are you trying to come up with ideas for 2010?  The San Francisco Social Media Club‘s recent blogpost highlights 3 case studies.  One reviews Starbucks’ customer engagement, another takes a look at a viral video campaign and the last (and my favorite) tackles event promotion. 

I haven’t seen many case studies covering an event.  This is very practical information small businesses could apply in a scaled down version.  For instance, take time well in advance to find local bloggers and magazines who would have an interest in the event.  Even if you have a small social media following, these additional outlets (and their soc med following) will help to give your event organic growth.

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Search data

Let’s face it, search is complicated.  You’re trying to stay one step ahead of your customer.  What are they looking for?  How can they find you to fill that need? 

Social media can bring new questions to your attention.  What are consumers already saying about YOU?  Mashable has a link to a related whitepaper of interest, stating:

In the company’s November whitepaper, which looks at the landscape of natural search, 360i purports that a majority of social media search listings that appear for brand-related queries are created by individuals not affiliated with the brand.

Great insight to keep in mind!

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