Tweeting with a purpose

July 9, 2009 at 4:13 AM Leave a comment

You’ve created your account, found “tweeps” to follow but I need to stop you right there. Step back from the keyboard. WHY are you here?

If you have plans to utilize Twitter for professional reasons, take a moment to assess your objectives. It can be one or several reasons: building your network, connecting with customers, increasing profits. Take your pick, but do take a moment to reflect.

I highly recommend spending a little time searching for similar businesses or professionals and observe their ‘Twitter style.’ As you start to follow folks, you will notice how some will immediately follow you and others may not. Everyone has a different strategy it seems.

Some businesses follow a handful of people compared to those who follow them. It’s usually dependent on what type of business they are and what sort of tweets they post. Examine their profile. Do they reply or retweet (“RT @name: blah, blah, blah”) posts? Or do their tweets seem to be one-sided and more like a mini-press release?

I don’t expect a news service to do anything more than tweet news updates. On the other hand, if I read something interesting or engaging from a local business, I may recall them first when it comes to purchasing their product or recommending them to a co-worker. Look at individual’s tweets as well. See a one-sided conversation or posts as exciting as your grocery list?

In order to avoid this, don’t believe every tweet needs to be profound or humorous. It’s about connecting. Remember, no one likes forced communication in any format. Just be natural and true to your goal.


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Twitter – wha, huh? Tweet styles

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