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Found a terrific piece in July’s Vermont Business Magazine.  A variety of businesses were asked how they leverage their social network strategy.  And as you would expect, there are a wide range of responses.

Take Chelsea Green Publishing, for example, who in one year doubled their web traffic and increased book sales by 30%.  They transformed their web presence from a typical web site to a blog (along with using other social networks).  But they made a conscious effort to keep content fresh rather than simply display and describe their book offerings. 

Web editor, Jesse McDougall, explains they update their blog routinely throughout the day which is a challenge in and of itself.  3 of their 20 employees are dedicated to web-related efforts.

Vermont Coffee Company discusses how they utilize social media to compete with larger companies.  With only 12 employees they see social networking as a great advantage.  Paul Ralston likens their efforts to “going to a chamber meeting.”

Seventh Generation‘s (130 employees) social media guru, Meghan Butler, talks about knowing your customers.  They use Twitter as a customer service channel and have more than 5,000 followers.   And about half that number of Facebook fans.  Butler doesn’t say how many networks the company actively uses, but she has a full-time team of 3 and on occasion 3 others also are involved with their social networking.

She also made a point (a very good one, especially for managers to take into account) to express that keeping up with social networking trends also takes time.  It can payoff, but I think at this point in time most companies are wrapping around social media in general and not quite at this stage.  As they hire a dedicated person or team, this should be added to their list of responsibilities.

More company examples in the full article.


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