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August 5, 2009 at 5:00 PM Leave a comment

Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone.  Something tells me that we should really pay attention to this trend via Taco Bell, who just announced via AdAge.com their new digital agency of choice.  While doing so they have stated their intent to make their website a destination for entertainment.

ta1 I believe this is a case of a brand taking cues from their consumers and willingly taking a risk.    Smart move.  This is a bolder step than delving into social media for the first time.  “Entertainment” is another method to promote two-way communication as well as create a natural buzz from fans of the brand. 


In the comments section of the Ad Age article poster, Rodney Mason, makes an astute observation that Taco Bell may be taking inpiration from Kogi BBQ (who’s built somewhat of a cult following) – in an effort to engage with their Gen Y target market.  Mason gave the links for comparitive purposes which I’ve posted below. 

Engagement can be complex.  It’s not as easy as establishing your social media presence.  Take the time to check out their differences now – in a few months they may become more similar.    

Taco Bell on:  Web    Facebook    flickr    Twitter

Kogi BBQ on:  Web    Facebook    flickr    Twitter 


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