WOM in action: BzzAgent.com

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Just updated my profile on Bzzagent.com today.  I mentioned Word of Mouth in a previous post.  Seth Godin has been preaching the concept for years but it may still be new to some. 

I’d encourage anyone who is curious or wants to learn how to use word of mouth marketing to your benefit to join Bzzagent.com and gain from personal experience.  In fact, I challenge you to participate in one campaign.  This will help you see the process through new eyes.

Expect to fill out a long survey, but understand this gives them important info gaging your consumer behavior and preferences.  You’ll have access to other agents, see what they have been trying out and what they think of various products and services.  When you take the time to consciously try a service or product with the intention of sharing it with your friends and colleagues you’ll begin to see things a little differently.  It’s a great exercise even if you only do it once.  Seriously, give it a go.

There is also something call Frogponds which are not full-fledged campaigns.  These are websites featured for a limited time.  Some of the ponds I noticed today included: NatGeo – Alone in the Wild, textbooks.com, A Few Shortcuts and even Tiffany & Co.

Look for Bzzagent on facebook or see how the process works via YouTube.


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