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August 23, 2009 at 4:13 PM Leave a comment

It pays to get a handle on what people are saying about you and your competition.  Just as with assessing how you would use each social network to your individual needs; you should also treat SM monitoring in the same manner.

Let me give you some practical examples of the differences in some of the free social media monitoring tools available:



Tweetfeel lets you enter keywords, names or phrases in the search box, tallies up positive and negative tweets and spits out a percentage.

Today I used an example of “SXSW” the annual Austin music fest.  Last week they posted potential panel topics for public voting, so it’s been a widely discussed topic.  By entering “sxsw” in the search box, the recent tweets displayed a 54% positive ratio.  You only get to see those tweets – in this case it was 13.  A couple of the tweets also included the hashtag “#fail” so I searched on “#sxsw #fail” as well. 

This gave me only 3 results but they were tagged as POSITIVE.  Since they were all failures, the application clearly doesn’t understand #fail is a negative.  Confusing, but I would think it would be consistently 100% so users could adjust to this anomoly.



Trendrr is an application I’ve used for tracking music/artist trends.  It incorporates popularity on social networks, video sharing and blogging sources.  One way I found it to be useful was to track artists or songs that were about to be released.  I’d set up a graph and watch to see if peaks were short-lived after release or remained steady.  If I saw a sharp drop, I knew the release wasn’t catching on.

If you blog on topics related to gaming, entertainment or even politics Trendrr has useful graphs showing top Amazon titles, plays, and comparisons of topics and opinions.  These are great to gage what is hot across the board or reaching saturation.

Over the next several weeks I will examine other free tools and recommendations.  What’s your favorite monitoring tool?


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