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August 31, 2009 at 12:40 AM Leave a comment

Dave Panos wrote a terrific piece called Building Bridges: Connecting Islands Across the Social Web on MediaPost this week.   It actually made my thinking go to a different direction – how do we communicate in forums, communities and other social media outlets?

We could all use a refresher course every so often.  Quite frankly, I believe we take our communication skills for granted.  From time to time it would be to your benefit to go back and read your posts from various communities you routinely visit. 

Perform a search to find the most recent threads you’ve participated and read them from a fresh perspective (as if it had been written by someone you don’t know).  What’s your impression?

Ask yourself:

Does your post sound consistently irritated?

Are you providing information or opinion?

Is it strictly self-promotion?

These questions should vary depending on the type of outlet.  You will naturally project yourself differently in a movie review site versus a more business-related community such as LinkedIn.  But you might be surprised at what you find and how you appear to others…a great tip to keep in mind as social media is blending our personal and professional lives.


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Small Biz Tweeting Advice Bridging SocMed Outlets

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