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If you haven’t spent your career in marketing, advertising or a closely related area you might be wondering how to tap local resources in the area of social media.  That’s especially true if you work for a smaller company.  Blogs and other internet sources are fantastic, but it can be beneficial to understand your market.

Social Media Clubs have cropped up in most markets.  Search for “Social Media Club” and your city.  You’ll find folks who love to share information about all types of social media.  Often they offer social activities where members discuss related topics.  And between meetings you can post questions or find people to offer advice and knowledge on their websites.

Other resources to discover locally:  Tweetups and social media or marketing groups on LinkedIn…if you don’t see one in your area, be bold and start one!


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Social Media in the Entertainment industry

Guess it was bound to come up sooner or later:  Movie studios curbing actors’ use of social media [via cnet.com].


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Surveys, “news” and stats – be warned

Caroline McCarthy has an online presence on cnet.com called “the social” and today’s post is a great reminder for us all:  don’t believe everything you read.

In this case, McCarthy compares two surveys analyzing deployment of social media by small business.  The surveys had very different conclusions.  So imagine yourself finding one survey, pondering the information as a small business owner and shortly after reading the conflicting survey.  We all know how statistics can be manipulated.  Don’t be swayed by the most recent stat social media gurus are touting.  Remember to do your homework.

It will pay to watch what is happening in your specific market and business segment rather than these trends.

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Always time to learn something new

With so many new apps and methods coming down the pike it can be a little rough trying to keep up and managing your sites on a daily basis.  Why not keep up on digital happenings via podcasts?  Try out a couple every week or so.  Load then onto your iPod and listen on the go!

I’ve started to put this on my to-do list as a way to learn more without feeling chained to my laptop.  TheNextWeb.com just posted some suggestions and I also found a recent listing via Direct Marketing Observations blog.

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Resource: allfacebook.com


 Although it’s an “unofficial” resource, it’s still a worthy source for all things Facebook-related.  Want to create a page?  Need tips on advertising on fb or promoting your small business once you have a presence?  Bookmark it now:  http://www.allfacebook.com.

Whether advising small businesses how get the most out of Facebook promotions or posting guidelines on fb marketing, you’re bound to find relevant info.  Most helpful are the “how-tos” with screenshots and details sure to save you time and in some instances $$.

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Trust in SocMedia


Read an article by David Armano today.   In the article he gives pointers to help businesses avoid social media experts who may not be looking out for your best interests.  It includes some useful info, but I have one objection to the chart above: where do your friends/colleagues come into the picture?  They should be located at the tip of the prism. 

But there are great tips to help you avoid the wrong type of socmedia expert.  This particular point from Armano is worth repeating:

Build it and they will socialize. Be wary of anyone selling a point solution that promises instant social interactions, conversations, collaboration, etc. Many businesses fail because they were built at the wrong time, in the wrong place or with the wrong tools. Any respectable practitioner will try to investigate where fertile ground is before building anything — and will tell you if there isn’t any.

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Press Release basics and SocMedia

From time to time it’s essential to self-evaluate.  Take a step back.  Review the basics. 

Who hasn’t read a press release where the information contains nothing newsworthy?  They are posted to wires by the hour.  I know I sometimes fight this even on the pop culture blog I work on and it makes me crazy.  I’ve also been a fan on facebook where companies over-post with absolutely no relevance.  You can imagine how quickly I “de-fan” when that happens!

Things to keep in mind:

  • how could you write a story based on your press release, tweet or fb link
  • are you creating part of a conversation or spewing out stats
  • what type of info has resulted in natural RT’s and links in the past
  • have you piqued reader’s curiosity

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